Flower 12

16 Oct

Digital Flower Illustration


Wendy Vainity’s amazing, freaky videos

19 Sep

I just read about Wendy Vainity on and I can’t believe I didn’t know this person existed. I could watch her freaky videos all day long.


11 Sep

I am addicted to Behance, and go there whenever I need a jolt of inspiration.  I am really enjoying the work coming out of this studio in Vienna, atelier olschinsky.  Just amazing.


Flower 11

10 Sep

Flower 11 flower illustration

Flower 10

2 Aug

Flower 10 by Michele Valdez

Affordable Art Online

26 Jul

I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of some of the sites on the web where you can find affordable art. I’ve had work on several of these sites, and the experience of buying and selling on each is very different. Many of the sites below offer higher priced pieces and some offer non art related products, but they all have a good amount of affordable works that are worth a look.

20×200 – limited edition prints
artspace – high-end work mixed in with more affordable prints
ArtStar – limited edition prints
art we love – wide range of prints
big cartel – artist and designer run shops with a variety of products
Cargoh – artist and designer run shops with a variety of products
Curioos – digital art prints
TheCools – artist and designer prints and other products
Etsy – crafts, vintage, and supplies with some art mixed in
Oorbi – limited edition photography
Saatchi Online – canvas and digital prints, along with originals, wide range of prices
Supermarket – artist and designer prints and other products
UGallery – paintings, drawings and prints

Flower 9.2

24 Jul

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